Circulatory system

The amazing circulatory system!

 The human body is a big topic to write about, so I'm going to just write about the circulatory system (also known as the cardiovascular system). The circulatory system is made of the heart, veins, arteries, capillaries, blood vessels and blood. This system pumps the blood from the heart to the body. A famous heart surgeon was Dr Victor Chang. Doctor Victor Chang invented the artificial heart you can read about him on this link

The heart is about as big as closed fist but the whole system goes all across your body. That is why you need to look after it.

How to look after it!

 Foods that are good for the circulatory system are porridge, berries, fish, flaxseed and spinach but there is many more. Also doing sport keeps your heart healthy and you should check your blood pressure to see if your heart is healthy as well.

Interesting facts!

 The ancient Egyptians thought that the heart stored memories, made thoughts and created emotions probably because your heart beats faster when angry.

There are 4 blood types A, B, AB and O.

People have had pig and horse heart transplants and survived.

This is picture of the circulatory system. It is pretty big isn't it? 

What is your blood type?
What is your blood type?
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