International Tiger Day is a Day to celebrate Tigers and Leopards it was first celebrated in Manchuria and Russia by the Phoenix fund (a Russian non-governmental Organization Supported by the Save the Tiger Fund), and is now celebrated all over the world by tiger donors. In 2003, 21st Century Tiger and AMUR encouraged European  and Russian Zoos to aware people about tiger conservation. In 2005, the Campaign Against Tiger Trafficking was launched on International Tiger Day, Now International Tiger Day is more Popular than ever because of that. It is celebrated on the last Sunday in September which is:

2009 = 27th of September

2010 = 26th of September

2011 = 25th of September

2012 = 30th of September

( In the scroll it says "Tiger Leopard" in Chinese under the tiger it has a "Hu", "Hu means Tiger in Chinese and under the Leopard it has a "Bao" and "Bao" means Leopard in Chinese ).


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