Info - Chinese Money Bags

How to make Chinese Money Bags


#1 Soak Shiitake mushrooms in water for at least 30 minutes.

#2 Finely dice Swiss brown mushrooms.

#3 Finely chop garlic.

#4 Heat oil and fry garlic and mushrooms until soft and golden.

#5 Finely dice drained Shiitake mushrooms, baby corn and bamboo shoots. Add the garlic and mushrooms to mixture.

#6 Season with salt and pepper, soy sauce, squeeze of lemon and mix together - taste for seasoning.

#7 Place a teaspoon of mushroom mixture in center of rice paper roll wrapper that has been pre-softened in hot water.

#8 Use blanched coriander stems to tie up wrapper around mushroom filling to form a pouch.

#9 Snip off excess wrapper and stems to create money bag.

#10 Heat oil in saucepan until hot. Drop bags into hot oil and flash fry until wrapper puffs up and turns golden, making sure that bags do not stick together.

#11 Drain moneybags on absorbent paper. Garnish with slithers of red chili for colour.

Dipping Sauce

#1 Mix lemon, light soy and chili to taste.

(Tip :  Try to Cook Outside because the oil smell goes all over the house)

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2 Shiitake Mushrooms

12 Swiss brown Mushrooms

2-3 Garlic Cloves

4 Baby Corn slices

8 Bamboo Shoot Slices

Rice Paper Roll Wrappers

Stems of coriander (Blanched)

1 tbsp Cooking Oil

(Extra oil for deep Frying)

1 Red Chili (For the sauce)

Light Soy sauce (For the sauce)

Lemon Juice (For the sauce)


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